Conversation With God

Okay here are my fingers. What are we going to talk about tonight?

Well, my good and faithful servant, let’s talk about you, since that is all you seem to think about. Consider your ways. Observe your patterns. How do they glorify me? How are you being fruitful? Where are your flowers for all to see? Why do you insist on hiding my glory?

That’s that verse I read today in Psalms.

Exactly. Psalms 4. My glory is not to be hoarded up into your storehouses. It is to be given to others. You are blessed, ordained by me to restore the fortunes. Your testimony is to be of me, not of yourself. Yes. People are waiting on you.

Can you help me remember all of those questions Pastor Green brought up tonight in Bible study?

  1. 1.     What are you doing to achieve your dreams?
    1. a.     Daily?
    2. b.     Weekly?
    3. c.      Monthly?
    4. 2.     How are people leaving your presence?
      1. a.     The same as they came?
      2. b.     Better?
      3. c.      Worse?
      4. 3.     How are you sharing what you have to offer, more importantly what Christ has to offer?
      5. 4.     Who are you accountable to for these things?

Psalms 4:2

How long, Latrisha, will you turn my glory into shame? How long will you love delusions (computer games) and seek false gods (Facebook)? My gift to you each morning is newness. A new opportunity to serve, a new opportunity to get it right, what do you do with it? How do you return it back to me as you lay down at night? Why do you insist on finding comfort in lifeless objects? Why do you love to stay non-confrontational? Why do you love to avoid the truth? Why do you love to chase after idleness? Why do you make for yourself idols to spend your time with? Why do you choose to isolate yourself from the spiritual children you beg for? Why do you live to be served and not serve? Why do you insist on holding envy in your heart? Why do you let bitterness grow? Why do you hide your pride behind humility? Why do you look for praise? Why do you forsake my commands? Why do you shame your coverings? Why do you constantly seek to be served? Why do you think this whole walk of life is about you? It isn’t. It’s not about you. The thing is that you are the most blessed when you are living under ministry and the opportunity to serve others, touch, change and influence lives to Christ. You enjoy life more. Why do you choose to loathe life? Do what you love. Why does it make sense to you to stay away from your enjoyable life, and work diligently to create separation from Myself and others? Why keep them waiting for so long? I have given so many unto your hands. They are dying to hear. To see. To know me.

Psalms 4:6

Many are asking, “Who can show us any good?”

Oh Lord, may your light continue to shine on me. That my storehouses do not pile up with unused favor. Please, never take your spirit from me. I DO want to serve and make a difference in the world you have allowed me to live in. You are the giver of life. I thank you for all the things you have given me. Please continue to chase after me. Teach me how to chase after you. Please, teach me how to chase after others too. Please continue to show me how to be selfless, to seek comfort in you, not in what seems easiest. Please, teach me to look for and PURPOSE appropriate relationships with the people you have ordained me to be with. You have given me so much according to my ability. I have denied you and the ability you have given me to influence, to live, and to love according to your standards.


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