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The Undisciplined Sluggard

Posted in Life on a Stanza, Revelations and Repentance on July 8, 2011 by divineappointment

What say you, God, to this Undisciplined Sluggard?
Say you peace?
Say you woe?
What say you, God, to this Undisciplined Sluggard?
Say you grace?
Say you go?
Depart from me worker of iniquity
Who loves her sleepy pleasures
More than me?
What say you, God, to this Undisciplined Sluggard?
Who goes from good intention to tragic invention
Substituting precious truth for lies
Closing her eyes
Forgeting he prize
Forgeting to rise
Forsaking the stride
Soaking in pride
And fear abides
With many excuses
And grace abuses
And sitting in funk
Thinking she must be useless.
What say you, God, to the Unmotivated Sluggard?
Say you this
a thousand times?
I am married to you,
my daughter,
my bride
Yes, even the backslider is mine.
Bought with a price,
Sealed with redemption
Cleansed you with spice
Healed with repentance
Look at your life
And be my witness
Listen to me
Now with a quickness
Leave all of your treasures aside
The sins that you have stacked so high
Building walls ‘tween you and me
Worshiping nondiety
With complacence bowing down to selfish fear yet
Wrapped in binding flesh and not my freeing spirit
If you will open wide your mouth
I will always fill it
But now you’re closed off from me
I know you cannot hear it
I’ll let you serve your own devices
Stubborn heart and stubborn constant crisis
Hear, Undisciplined Sluggard, just listen to me
Follow my ways
With integrity

And I will satisfy you.


the These

Posted in Life on a Stanza on August 26, 2009 by divineappointment


I am dangling between the ‘this’ and ‘that’

Not fighting

Or afraid

But here I am suspended

In the between

You and me

This elastic rope gives me too much room to roam

I don’t know what I am wishing for

I am not much for luck

Or placing stock in falling stars

Never justly fancied the crossing of fingers

Or penny popping into public fountains

in the face of reality

I believe in hope

I believe in love through travesty

I believe in fresh awakenings as I cruise along the periphery

of the places I have already seen

Suddenly I wish I was flying

Alas, this four-sided gravity forbids me go

So I dangle between the these …

You and me


Posted in Life on a Stanza, Uncategorized with tags on June 27, 2009 by divineappointment

I enjoy you. I am still trying to figure out how to be balanced.

Right living.
Killing Cockroaches.
Letting Go.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart” ALL. “And lean not unto your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowlege him.” ALL. “And he will direct your paths.

Pure=All=Focused=Singular. ONE.

Avoidance Vs. Guidance

Posted in Life on a Stanza with tags , on March 4, 2009 by divineappointment

To tell the truth,

Time and again

The eyes of my heart

 hinge alongside avoidance

And looks not after guidance.

The latter, of course I know I need.

And yet I avoid it.

Run away for a while

I know You measure the air I breathe

My mind is filled with your majesty

My lips are rested upon each other

teeth clenched silent,

thoughts aloft,

trailing along,

running away,

knowing that where ever I go I’ll find you

So I need not run.

I know you’re here now


I know you know what

Questions are in succession

Following a curvilinear pathway

 Along my cerebellum

what I want

my intentions

I sigh it all away

hoping it will disappear

and you’ll be near singing.

Loud Song. Sung Sweet. Gently Over Me.

Posted in Life on a Stanza, Revelations and Repentance on February 24, 2009 by divineappointment

Listen my daughter you are alive

You will live and not die

You will be mine forever

You are in my hand

No man nor woman can pluck you out

No matter who they are or how they try

The devil wants to sift you like wheat

But I have already gripped you into my presence and into my promise

You are mine and I am yours

For you are my bride

I married the harlot

I am in love with her

I am in love

Don’t be discouraged by what you think you have done

Don’t be discouraged by what you will do

I am in the midst

You are in my hand

I will be sovereign over your life.

I will rule

I will conquer

I will divide

I will take over your heart

I will have you my perfect bride

You are mine

You are all mine

I am jealous for you

You are my precious jewel

You are my darling girl

I fashioned your beauty

I fathomed your intellect

I gave you your laughter

I created your innocence

It is a gift that cannot be taken away

It is a joy that I have given to you

I give it by my power and it stays with you by my power

It is by my spirit that you are sustained

It is by my joy that you are made complete

It is by my love that you are made without suffering unto death

It is by my grace that you are still here

It is by my mercy that you are still alive

It is by my stripes that you are healed

It is by my blood that you are cleansed

It is by my majesty that you will learn to be royalty

Fit for the king, you father, your husband

Your love

I will be your all in all

I will be yours forever.

I will be

For I am.