I need an avalanche of your mercy to break the tension in the heavens of my heart. That place where you dwell. May it erupt the interrupt between the life I have grown accustomed to and the life I am destined to. May it rush down my good intentions, covering them with actions, and finishing what I started. I need a break through in my attitude, a renewal in my mind, some hyssop in my heart and an anchor through my soul. Take control of this old. Make me forego the creases and folds when you called me lay flat on the master’s table. Stretched the corner of your garment to cover my insecurity. Your authority called my silent fury into submission with spiritual circumcision. My will cut from my flesh and drafted, grafted and crafted into your spirit. I lay here still, knowing you are that you are. I reflect on everything you have been. You’re there unlike shifting shadows that make a home in the valley. I am unafraid. Here I rest with you.


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