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Vigilance: The Word of the Day?

Posted in Sharing Epiphanies on February 28, 2009 by divineappointment

So. I was downstairs fluttering about in the kitchen. Conversation abuzz around me, my attention split between cooking, eating, cleaning and gaming. I was deciding what to actually do tonight before bed. I hadn’t played my new favorite PC game FABLE: The Lost Chapters, in a while. Well, since a few Thursdays ago, where I poured out almost an entire day doing nothing significant. Since then I have tried to be more intentional about how I spend my time. Spending time wasting time, is obviously a specialty of mine. I wish they could update the catolog at the university to include that as a Master’s Program. I’d be sure to get a grad assistantship then.


Loud Song. Sung Sweet. Gently Over Me.

Posted in Life on a Stanza, Revelations and Repentance on February 24, 2009 by divineappointment

Listen my daughter you are alive

You will live and not die

You will be mine forever

You are in my hand

No man nor woman can pluck you out

No matter who they are or how they try

The devil wants to sift you like wheat

But I have already gripped you into my presence and into my promise

You are mine and I am yours

For you are my bride

I married the harlot

I am in love with her

I am in love

Don’t be discouraged by what you think you have done

Don’t be discouraged by what you will do

I am in the midst

You are in my hand

I will be sovereign over your life.

I will rule

I will conquer

I will divide

I will take over your heart

I will have you my perfect bride

You are mine

You are all mine

I am jealous for you

You are my precious jewel

You are my darling girl

I fashioned your beauty

I fathomed your intellect

I gave you your laughter

I created your innocence

It is a gift that cannot be taken away

It is a joy that I have given to you

I give it by my power and it stays with you by my power

It is by my spirit that you are sustained

It is by my joy that you are made complete

It is by my love that you are made without suffering unto death

It is by my grace that you are still here

It is by my mercy that you are still alive

It is by my stripes that you are healed

It is by my blood that you are cleansed

It is by my majesty that you will learn to be royalty

Fit for the king, you father, your husband

Your love

I will be your all in all

I will be yours forever.

I will be

For I am.